Our Very Own Tia Shearer


Magpies is blessed with an abundance of talented women. We have on staff an amazing actress, who is going to be performing in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues March 12-14 at the World Grotto in Market Square. Tickets are $10, and all proceeds benefit the YWCA. (Our wonderful Jan is also participating). Tia Shearer has been a part of our MagPies family for almost a year, and she definitely brings a contagious effervescence to all of her interactions. She is a pocket sized bundle of intensity.You can also catch Tia in Make Out with Violence, a film that will be shown at the South by Southwest Music and Film Festival March 13-21.

About Brenna

Brenna enjoys all things food related, and has a culinary crush on Nigella Lawson. She has two amazing boys who love cupcakes almost as much as she does, and a husband who gives frustratingly honest feedback when presented with her latest creations.
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